TFP Photography Sessions

What is TFP?

  • Per Wikipedia: “Time for print (also known as trade for print or test for print, TFP and sometimes also print for time or PFT) is a term used in many online photography communities describing an arrangement between a model and a photographer, whereby the photographer agrees to provide the model with an agreed number of pictures of the best photographs from the session and a limited license to use those pictures in return for the model's time. Similarly, with the ease and convenience of digital distribution of high resolution images, the generic term TF* has evolved, where it does not necessarily refer to a tangible CD or Printed image since the same accepted rules apply.”

What is it all about?

  • From time to time, I offer TFP Photography Sessions.  I conduct these sessions to enhance my technical and creative skills as well as build my professional portfolio in various areas of photography.  Other uses may include, but not limited to, submission for juried professional accreditation. The pictures on this page are some examples of my work.  Other examples can be viewed in my "Fashion & Glamour" gallery.

What am I seeking?

  • TFP sessions are comprised of both inside and outside venues.
  • Sessions may be a minimum of one hour and up to three hours in length.  The actual length of each session is discussed and agreed upon before the session.
  • During the session, I will be practicing various staging techniques, concepts, posing styles and/or lighting conditions.
  • As part of my standard business practice, all models are required to sign a model release. The model release is simply a legal contract intended to protect the rights of both the model and the photographer (me). To view the terms of my model release, please click on this link:

What’s in it for the model?

  • This will give the model the opportunity to work with a photographer (me) to capture various posing techniques and styles.  This is at no cost to the model.
  • Model will have the opportunity to express their own since of style and fashion by utilizing their own personal wardrobe as well as their own hair styles and make-up preferences.
  • The best photos from the session will be made available to the model for download at no charge via a private link on my website.  These photos can be up to 18 megapixels in size and may be printed as large as 40x60 inches). 
  • The model will receive a personal use license that will enable them the be able to add the photos to their portfolio and/or showcase them in their home as well as other personal use.  
  • Optionally, the model will have the opportunity to order prints of their favorite photos and have them printed by a professional photo printer via my website at a discounted rate.  (Note: This is an optional service as you’ll receive all of the finished pictures).
  • In an error to continue to refine my proficiencies in the utilization of enhancement tools, some creative/glamour effects may also be applied to a selection of the photos.  These effects are done to enhance the overall look and feel of the photos, express a specific mood and may include blemish removal, changes to color/saturation, cropping, painterly effects along with other enhancements.
  • Additionally, I may create photo collages as well as additional creative arrangements of the photos.  These will also be made available to the model.  Examples can be view throughout the "People" section of my website.

Interested in participating?

  • If interested or if you have any follow-up inquiries, please send me a message via my "Contact" page and we will discuss and plan from there.